Hands up whose mum gets your job wrong? How many times do they ask, ‘what exactly is it that you do again?’ So, this blog is for you mum, and anyone else who might be interested in what we do.

Firstly, we are not an agency. We do not do creative ideation, design, digital or social development or management. Yes, we used to work in, and run agencies. But not anymore. We are a consultancy. What’s the difference I hear you ask over your tea and hobnob? We are 100% focused on marketing effectiveness. We help businesses improve their marketing. Why? Because we believe that marketing, when done right, can have a hugely positive impact to business. Driving revenue, increasing the reputation of the brand, making the business more attractive to potential employees, and providing exceptional customer experiences that increase the lifetime value of a customer, so everyone is happy. Win, Win scenario. (Stay with me mum).

So how do we do it? We begin with a ‘Discovery’ stage, using our Magnify methodology, where we assess the effectiveness of the brand, the planning, the people, the process and the technology. Mapping this against the organisation objectives to understand the gap between business goals and marketing.

It is important to agree what the role of marketing is in the business (no point striving for a strategic asset if everyone really wants a comms and events team) and for this to be agreed by the senior stakeholders in the business. CEO, CCO, COO and CMO.

We then assess the likelihood of closing that gap, reaching that desired state. What is the motivation, capacity and ability to change? Because a lot of what we do is change management, and if there is no desire, we cannot succeed.

Change is the hardest part, so we break it down to achievable and measurable actions over the short, medium and long term, prioritising those that will make the biggest difference to show impact quickly.

And that is where we differ from other consultancies. We don’t walk away at the hard part. We roll our sleeves up and get stuck in, driving the changes from within. Often becoming part of the team, coaching people through the change process and supporting where there are gaps in plan.

Typically, we work with high growth or large b2b organisations who have been through significant change; either M&A or a digital transformation and the marketing team is no longer aligned with the future direction of the business. We are agency agnostic; we often help find the right agency for a client once they have been through our process.

And that’s it. Well, that’s one part of it. Wait until I tell you about the work we do on customer insights, AI personas and sustainability communications strategy. But that will require a whole other pack of biscuits and a fresh pot of tea. To be continued…

If you’d like to know more about The Magnus Club, please do get in touch: Teresa@themagnusclub.com

Teresa Allan, Partner at The Magnus Club


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash