Marketing effectiveness is going through a modern renaissance with a focus on high growth marketing. To make marketing effectiveness more accessible, here are our top five ways into improving that marketing ROI.


  1. Today is the best day to focus on ROI effectiveness

It’s easy to put marketing effectiveness on the back burner while more pressing challenges are managed. In many organisations, B2B marketers are seeing increased responsibility, team budgets are stretched and there is limited investment in skills.

But even under difficult circumstances, you can see meaningful improvements within the team – as long as you get started today on positive change. Think of effectiveness as a mindset – a toolkit to harness powerful marketing insights – rather than a discrete task.


  1. Assign an effectiveness champion within your team

Understanding and measuring marketing effectiveness is a long journey, always at risk of falling victim to complacency or inertia. So assign a team member to champion measurements, KPIs and performance. Empower and motivate them with training from the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising), APG (Account Planning Group) or Effie Worldwide, giving them the knowledge and skillset that they’ll need. Ultimately, your effectiveness champion will help show your organisation that marketing has power to drive growth.


  1. Identify objectives that fuel long-term growth

Without SMART objectives, tailored to your specific criteria within your category, effectiveness is hard to achieve or prove. Not only that, but getting objectives wrong can lead marketers to chase the wrong goals and KPIs. So as part of your marketing strategy, ensure your objectives are connected to the growth drivers of your organisation to support your focus on marketing effectiveness.


  1. Look beyond digital metrics to understand your brand performance in market

Measuring what is easily available at the click of the button is an enticing shortcut. Digital metrics can and do provide solid insight for marketing teams. But those insights will fall very short of helping you understand the big effectiveness measures such as brand advocacy and customer lifetime value. Look to invest in independent research, category brand trackers and through-the-funnel modelling to provide you with the data that demonstrates the effect of marketing on organisational growth.


  1. Create a long-term roadmap to set your course

Increasing your knowledge within marketing effectiveness is not an instant process. Play the long game, improving your skills and honing your strategy throughout the year, because trying to do too much at once may sink the initiative too quickly. Set realistic milestones and deliverables and use this roadmap to inspire your team and to inform other departments of the changes that are coming to ROI reporting. Consider revisiting your B2B marketing strategy to place effectiveness at the core, and fine-tune those objectives to give you a tangible marketing ROI that can put your team at the heart of organisational growth.

David Isaacson, Strategy Director at The Magnus Club