I read an article last week about the importance of screening potential life partners to ensure they have the same values, beliefs and approach to admin, as this is the biggest cause of relationship breakdowns. I found it weird that you would enter in to a marriage or partnership without knowing this about the other person, but perhaps love is blind to dirty plates in the sink in the early days?

It’s the same in business. When you meet people that hold the same outlook, enthusiasm and beliefs as you, you want to work with them. We’ve been talking to Jay at The Agency Works, the exclusive Synergist implementation partner and consultancy helping creative agencies grow and manage their business since we started The Magnus Club this time last year. Every conversation was insightful, and we realised we shared the same enthusiasm for helping agencies be the best version of themselves.

So, we are delighted to announce that we are launching a partnership with Jay and his team, working together to help agencies increase profitability, run more effectively and have fun doing it.

I know we are going to have fun doing it too, and not a dirty plate in sight…