Software: ESG data intelligence platform

Deepki’s purpose is to accelerate real estate’s environmental transition.​ By leveraging data intelligence and implementing the right ESG strategies they help the real estate sector achieve their sustainability targets; striving towards net zero to deliver a positive impact at scale.

Our role

To help Deepki understand the potential broader opportunity within and outside of the real estate sector. Shifting them from data collection and reporting to decarbonisation and ESG specialists, we helped redefine their solutions, their story and their sales approach.


  • Market and competitor review
  • Detailed solutions messaging
  • Sales training and onboarding
  • Redefined core solutions
  • Two markets agreed and defined.
  • Website messaging
  • Deepki story and messaging framework
  • Sales presentations for each stage of the sales cycle
  • Persona and Ideal Customer Profiling
”Magnus have helped us see the bigger opportunity. They quickly understood a complex business and developed a simply, yet affective approach to telling our story that our sales can get behind.”

CMO, Deepki