Magnus PI: user personas made with marketing technology

For marketers, there’s nothing more important than understanding your audience. Knowing what truly matters to customers is at the heart of creating a highly effective B2B marketing strategy.

No wonder the idea of the persona is so appealing. Get the user persona right and you’ll get to a better strategy faster – maximising that all-important business ROI. But while the effort expended on developing a customer persona is huge, it may end up being used rarely, if at all. Why?

Because most customer personas are out of date the day they’re created. That’s why we created Magnus PI.

We use AI to create a live persona

Unlike the user personas most strategists use, Magnus PI personas are created using an intelligent process. We deploy AI to search and interpret vast numbers of live data points, and bring them to life through industry hot topics, as well as deep insights from relevant companies and people.

Our market intelligence removes broad generalisations to offer unique insights into audiences, from demographics to emotions, key trends to recent conversations. That means we can increase customer engagement, drive revenue growth – and your KPI and ROI reporting looks better than ever.

Three key KPI marketing benefits

Magnus PI helps your marketing team excel in three important ways:

1. Increasing ROI through linking marketing and sales

The data from Magnus PI are designed to be practical as well as highly insightful. Analysed by the strategy team, every insight can be applied to your B2B marketing strategy for campaign and content, but can also provide valuable intelligence to sales teams to help with customer engagement and prospecting.

2. Getting closer to customers for precision-targeted strategies

Magnus PI is a combination of technology and human expertise. Our experienced analytics and strategy teams use the machine-sourced data to create real, accurate and actionable insights. They then help you apply their learnings throughout your B2B marketing strategy, from proposition development and messaging to content creation and channel selection. We use these as the basis for every strategy we create.

 3. Driving scale and pace

The business environment changes, and our personas change with them. We can keep them updated with new trends, topics and further insights, expand them into other markets or look at additional companies and people. That means you can stay on top of what’s really happening with your customers, your business and your competitors, responding fast, evolving and driving growth. And that’s a real business ROI.

How to use Magnus PI

To explore Magnus PI in more detail and see how it could benefit your marketing team, just get in touch with Alex at Let’s work together soon.