Personas with Intelligence

To create truly effective audience-driven marketing, you need to know what really matters to your audiences. That’s what Magnus PI does.

Created for the real world, from the real world

You’ve probably used personas before. Many organisations build them. They put in lots of effort pulling together lots of information. But they rarely get used. Why?

Because they’re out of the date the day they’re created. They take too long to create and don’t use enough data points. They’re not connected to the real-world customers your organisation wants to reach.

Magnus PI is different. Our personas are intelligent, created by using AI to search and interpret vast amounts of live data points, and brought to life through industry hot topics as well as deep insights from specific companies and people.

Pin-sharp insights

No more broad generalisations. Each Magnus PI persona gives you unique insights into your audiences – from demographics to emotions, from key trends to recent conversations – to increase customer engagement and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Turning insight into opportunity

The data from Magnus PI are designed to be practical as well as highly insightful. Analysed by the strategy team, every insight can be applied to campaign and content strategy as well as providing valuable intelligence to sales teams to help with customer engagement and prospecting.


Machine: meet human

Magnus PI is a combination of technology and human expertise. Our experienced analytics and strategy teams use the machine-sourced data to create real, accurate and actionable insights. Then they help you apply their learnings throughout your marketing strategy, from proposition development and messaging to content creation and channel selection. We use these as the basis for every strategy we create.

Things change. So do our personas

Our personas aren’t designed to just be used once. We can keep them updated with new trends, topics and further insights, expand into other markets or look at additional companies and people. Always evolving, so you can stay on top of what’s really happening with your customers.

Want to know more?

To explore Magnus PI in more detail and see how it could benefit your team, talk to Alex.