Creating consistent, effective and high-impact marketing is always a challenge. Even the best marketing team and the most experienced senior leaders will experience highs and lows, and can even get stuck in a rut. Teams change, business priorities develop and marketing best practice constantly shifts – it’s difficult to stay ahead, however hard you try.

But at The Magnus Club, we’ve developed a methodology, called Magnify, that ensures your entire marketing approach benefits from a fresh perspective, challenging thinking through a combination of hard data, human insights and best practice from other sectors. The output? A marketing effectiveness roadmap that can be transformative for organisations.

This matters because the latest IPA Effectiveness Roadmap Report shows that the biggest single increase in marketing effectiveness culture is when the effectiveness journey is started – an increase of 88% for brands and 33% for agencies (starting from a higher baseline). Plus having an effectiveness roadmap increases perceived marketing effectiveness culture by 37% for brands and 38% for agencies.

What this ultimately means is that our methodology can help you improve every aspect of marketing, from broad challenges such as sales and marketing alignment or structural design to specific briefs such as campaign strategy or reporting.

Marketing effectiveness from every angle

There is no such things as a one-size-fits-all strategy – but Magnify is a tried-and-tested way to explore every angle of a project. Through a series of workshops, discussions, assessments and analysis, we use it to break a challenge down into simple steps, to identify priorities and to take a deep dive into a business’s motivations, ambition and ability to change.

Whether it’s redefining brand purpose, a team restructure or an overhaul or ROI measurement, our methodology identifies opportunities that can define the right role for marketing to deliver growth to the business, creating a new vision of marketing within your organisation.


How Magnify defines marketing strategy

The Magnify process isn’t rocket science – but it is comprehensive, enlightening and a brilliant way to cut through the noise. We use it to identify and explore five essential factors in the success of your marketing team and projects – Motivation, Ambition, Opportunity, Attitude and Ability.

1. Motivation: drivers of change. We ask what is behind the driving need to make change. What’s working and what’s not? What has triggered this need?

2. Ambition: what you hope to achieve. What are the ambitions for both the organisation and the people in your team – individually and as a group? How far do you want to go and what are the metrics that will define your success?

3. Opportunity: desired outcomes vs risks. We help you define the business opportunity, and how much of an impact it will have. We look at financial metrics and ask what are the risks with different scenarios – as well as the risk of doing nothing.

4. Attitude: willingness to change. We ask how much appetite exists in the business for real change, from senior executives to sales, marketing and other functions, and we explore how we can increase that appetite.

5. Ability: to change people, process, product and culture. How is change going to happen, and what will hold it back? We examine whether the right people, processes and technology are in place. The results will guide our short, medium and long-term recommendations.


A different approach to marketing effectiveness

As consultants with experience on both sides of the fence, we created Magnify to be big-thinking but practical too, with some core principles in mind that make it not only highly effective but also efficient and easy to use.

Firstly, it’s simple. We’re not here to impress you with our intellect: we just want to simplify the complexity of data and other information to get to the answers efficiently, effectively and comprehensively. We make this process easy for everyone to understand, from the different stages to the end goal. Meaning everyone feels involved.

Secondly, it’s wide-reaching. We have designed Magnify to prompt useful discussions, questions and more informative answers that support not only the project marketing needs but also show how they align with the wider business goals and other functions in the organisation.

Thirdly, it’s pragmatic. We will produce a set of practical steps on the changes needed and a roadmap for a future-proofed marketing environment. We don’t simply hand over the report and walk away – we will give a meaningful view on what needs to happen, and a clear outline of the resources and investment required.

With every project involving a different set of inputs, outcomes and teams, Magnify offers us a framework that allows us to assess and improve marketing effectiveness at all levels – indeed, we’ve already used it successfully with many global brands across multiple sectors.

If you’d like to find out how Magnify could be used in your marketing team, get in touch