The first step to developing a marketing strategy should be listening. Marketing without listening is just pushing your agenda onto people. Unless we understand what they need, what their challenges are we cannot help solve them. Listening is the key to understanding the customer. It helps create that unique stance so a brand can stand apart from its competitors, improve engagement with their audience, increase brand awareness and ultimately, ROI.

At The Magnus Club, we use a social listening tool to gather data such as competitor insights and topics of conversation around a brand. We analyse the research findings to inform the marketing strategy and create actionable insights.

Social listening can be used in a variety of ways to help develop a purpose-led marketing strategy:


Brand Reputation

Sentiment analysis gives you an insight of how people feel about a brand. By listening to what people are saying, you can quickly start to unpick why they might feel a certain way. Brand perception insights can be leveraged to identify pain points and opportunities.


Content Research

It’s important to identify what a brand is talking about (or not talking about) and how engaged their audience is. From this, you can make informed decisions about future campaigns and create better quality content that will see higher engagement.


Competitor Analysis

This is a great way to benchmark a brand within an industry. By listening to what competitors are talking about and what people’s attitudes are towards them, competitor analysis will identify any gaps in the market to help create that competitive edge.


Audience Insight

The more you know about a brand’s audience, the better. You can begin to develop more meaningful messaging and content that resonates with them and sets a brand apart from its competitors.


Social listening allows agencies to deep dive into a brand and its industry, understand the big picture and uncover the who, what and why. Research findings can then be leveraged to inform the marketing strategy to help brands stand out, away from the noise.

Post written by Charlotte Davis, Insights Executive