As more organizations bring creative resource in-house with teams to not only deliver but create campaigns, the role of strategy can often fall between the new creative teams and the established marketing team, creating the big question ‘who’s responsibility is strategy?’

The traditional agency model has a strategy team to interrogate the brief and ensure it is supported by data and insight, taking the time to research the audience and sales process, interview sales teams and understand customer challenges to arrive at a single minded proposition. This gives the creative team the best possible support to unlock their best creative thinking.

With new model in-house creative orgs where should the role of strategy sit? If it’s within the marketing team how successful will they be in antagonising and questioning the status quo, pushing back on the accepted and looking outside in. If on the other hand the role of strategy sits within the in-house creative team who leads it? Is it the Creative Head or should a Head of Strategy be employed by that department or someone more aligned to a traditional ‘suit’ role. Does this then reduce any proportion of cost saving that could have been part of the decision-making in deciding to bring creative resource in house?

One thing is for certain. If the strategy doesn’t inspire and support as it needs to, and is in danger of falling between the gap of the creative and marketing teams, how good will the creative delivery be and where will any blame be placed? The most important bridge to build and cross is the strategic one between internal marketing and creative teams.