Welcome to The Magnus Club blog. Here you will find our views and opinions on anything to do with working smarter.
We love agency life. The creativity, solving problems and working in teams. Remember your first agency job – how excited you were about being in the creative industry, in a cool office with fun people and dress down policy. It felt more like play than work.

At some point, reality hits. Late nights, last minute pitches, difficult clients, things going wrong, politics…

It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress of every day agency life. But we think it is important to ‘bring the fun back’. At The Magnus Club we have a belief that that work should be enjoyable for everyone. When things work well, people thrive, business grows, everyone is happy. We believe taking time to ensure things run well, to empower people and build a strong culture based on trust and camaraderie are the keys to success.

At the end of the day, it’s not life or death, it’s marketing.

That’s why we started The Magnus Club. It’s a collective of senior agency and marketing bods who want to help other agencies ‘be the best version of themselves’. We LOVE order, but we also love creativity and believe that contrary to popular opinion, in agency land, one very much supports the other. Clarity of purpose is key, doing it with a genuine smile is winning.

Every week we’d like to finish our blog by recommending a book, paper or podcast that we think you might find interesting.

So, our inaugural BIG UP goes to the ‘Eat, Sleep’ Work, Repeat’ podcast, on happiness and work culture. A brilliant weekly interview style show, with research driven topics and hosted by an old colleague of mine, Bruce Daisley – a definite flash back to fun work times. Give it a listen.

Written by Teresa Allan