Marketing is at a critical intersection.

Hovering between great success and unfulfilled opportunity, marketing has a point to prove, as organisations navigate technological changes, dynamic and often unstable markets, the ever-changing needs of customers and ever-more congested competitor landscapes.

Yet with business facing challenges on many fronts, there is a significant opportunity for marketing and marketing leaders to drive growth in an organisation. To get there, they must demonstrate real impact, clear strategy, alignment with the goals of the business and confidence about the crucial role of marketing.

At The Magnus Club, we help our clients achieve greater success through effective marketing. We spend a lot of time debating, challenging and testing marketing effectiveness methodologies. And we read. A lot.

But with so many different theories and insights out there, it can be an overwhelming subject. So we’ve pulled together the best of the best into one easy read, A guide to Marketing Effectiveness, with tangible actions to get you moving in the right direction. Whether you’re a marketing leader or a senior executive that realises that marketing can contribute powerfully to the growth of your organisation, this paper will give you the tools you need to make a significant difference to you and your organisation.

Enjoy it.

And if you want to talk to us about it, let’s chat.

Alex Brayshaw and Teresa Allan

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Executive Summary

Measurement and marketing effectiveness go hand in hand.

Shifting category conventions, changing customer behaviours and threats of disruptive competitors place increasing pressures on organisations to get the most out of their marketing department. But these disruptions have created an environment that focuses on immediate and short-term strategies to meet growth targets, skewing the presentation and interpretation of performance data.

Measuring and defining the value of marketing isn’t easy and will require a shift in mindset, but for marketing to truly achieve its potential there must be a robust way to demonstrate impact.

Marketing effectiveness is the strategic ROI methodology used to best understand the impact and performance of marketing.

In our report, we explore the conventional wisdom that has created the framework for measuring and defining marketing effectiveness, and seek to explore ways organisations can use a balanced approach of short-term and long-term planning to achieve equilibrium. And we will uncover crucial metrics that should be used to judge marketing effectiveness to influence sustainable long-term growth.

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